Choosing the Right board of directors Software for organizing document flow

Complete digitalization of the board of directors’ workflow at enterprises is a prospect for the near future. The implementation of board management software actively supports this trend. This article will explain how to choose the right solution for organizing a secure and efficient document flow.

Digital document flow in the activity of the board of directors

The most important carrier of information, especially in the business sphere, are numerous forms and types of documents. Documents are one of the primary means of business communication. Business documents are not only a means of business communication but also a legal justification for the rights and obligations of partners in business and other activities. The ability to communicate through business papers to carry out the “correct” document management is one factor in business success. It also refers to the activity of the board of directors.

Currently, the organization of work with documents involves the organization of the document flow of the company, the storage of documents and their use in the current activities of the boards. The document flow as a set of interrelated procedures ensures the movement of documents from the moment they are created or received until the completion of execution or dispatch. All documents are distributed among document flows to organize the workflow rationally.

The workflow task is not an isolated technological chain in the activity of the board of directors, the movement of documents is closely integrated with other subtasks solved by the organization’sorganization’s information system. Thus, the collegial bodies in modern companies implement board management software to automate standard daily procedures and data management. This software should provide application interfaces that allow embedding the functions of transferring and saving board of directors documents into application systems that operate in organizations where it is implemented.

The board software: how does it work?

Thanks to board software solutions, the organization automates, based on a single solution, up to 90% of the processes that involve the exchange of electronic documents. In addition, using a virtual platform approach allows the boards of directors to build a document management ecosystem gradually. The company can move progressively, based on its own needs and without overpaying for extra functionality that is not used at this stage of development.

The board software consists of several modules. We can distinguish the following modules of document workflow automation:

  • office automation systems;
  • archives of documents;
  • document input systems and document image processing systems;
  • systems for managing the cost of document storage;
  • document routing systems;
  • systems of complex automation of business processes.

The software automation functions include fixing documents in a unique database, which is expressed in filling out a particular document card. The structure of the documents recorded in the database is based on the so-called nomenclature of cases, which, as a rule, is available in every organization. The technology for accounting and processing documents is based on the provision of office work formulated in this organization.

The board workflow also depends on such a factor as the degree of restriction of access to the document, which significantly affects the document’s passage in the organization and the technology of working with it. For this purpose, board software ensures the most reliable security measures for data protection.

In addition, document workflow automation in the board software reduces processing time, improves data retrieval, provides execution control, provides complete analytical information and reduces the likelihood of all kinds of errors.

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